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The Summer Vacation Litter

9 puppies (6 girls and 3 boys) whelped on 4/11/2007

Ch. Deja Vu's Air Phare Miles OS
Ch. Tk Foxfire Haut Summer Nights
Summer & the first three pups.
All nine puppies
The six girls
The three boys
Puppy in Golden Retriever dish
Puppies on hat
All nine puppies nursing
Three boys resting with golden retriever slippers
All nine puppies resting
The six girls resting in a basket


The Summer Vacation litter is almost two weeks old. Their eyes are opening and they are beginning to walk around. Summer is still very attentive and taking care of all their needs. At three weeks the pups will be old enough to spend some time outside and will be ready for visits from their future families.


The pups have moved into shavings and are loving them. They are up on their feet and walking around. The pups eyes are fully open and they are beginning to notice the world around them. Summer is now willing to be away from her pups long enough to play ball and get some much needed time with her mom (me).


The pups had their first meal today. They enjoyed every bit of their mush, some eaten out of the bowl and some eaten off each other. Several pups felt that to best eat they needed to be in the bowl with the food. They are now enjoying a well deserved nap after their first meal.


The pups are almost four weeks old and are out growing their whelping box. They are beginning to play with each other and develop their individual personalities. With the warm weather the pups are spending more time playing in the sun out side each day.


The puppies are six weeks old and exploring the world with curiosity and enthusiasm. They will chew on anything they can get their mouths on and play with anything that moves or looks like it may start moving. Untying shoe laces and nibbling on ankles are just two of their favorite ways to say hello.

Summer sent her puppies home on 6/9/07, the following photos are of her pups growing up in their wonderful new homes.

Delta (Foxfire Starchaser Come Fly With Me) (no collar girl), Madison (Starchasers First Class Ticket) (green & white collar girl), & Jett (Foxfire Starchsr R We There Yet) (red collar boy) Three of the show puppies learning to stand and stay, at just 16 weeks they are doing great.


Telle (blue collar boy)
Telle is growing up with his very own kid to chase. Could a Golden Retriever puppy wish for any thing more.
Telle is a hero. When his home caught on fire, he woke the family and every one got out safely. Thank you Telle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cali (blue daisy collar girl)
Calli lives with her sister (a yellow lab). She is beginning her obediance training with the goal of earning her CDX

Kula (pink daisy collar girl)
Kula lives with her sister Echo. Kula is learning from Echo, and her family, how to be a great family companion.
Sugar Magnolia (zebra collar girl)
Sugar is growing into a true sea dog, with her life jacket on she is a great skipper for any boat.

Madison (Starchasers First Class Ticket) ( green & white collar girl)
Maddy is a happy girl who loves her family, both animal and human. She loves to chase her sisters and mother around almost as much as she loves to lay in my lap.

Maddy won her first point at the Sacramento show at just one year of age. She went Winners Bitch and Best Of Opposit.

Jessica (Starchasers Flight Of Fancy) (orange daisy collar girl)
Jesse is a silly girl with a mind of her own, investigateing every thing. Jesse is liveing with her big sister Cookie (from the Summer & Monte litter). Jessica will be in the obediance and agility rings soon.


Jet (purple collar boy)
Jet is growing up quickly and learning what is expected of him. He is a good guy who loves his family.

(Foxfire Starchaser Come Fly With Me) (no collar girl)
Delta lives at Foxfire-Goldens with her brother Jett. She is a funny girl who loves to tell her brother whats what.

(Foxfire Starchsr R We There Yet) (red collar boy)
Jett is an easy going boy who just wants to play with his rope and run with his sister. He is happy to play what ever game Delta decides on.

Jett went to his first dog show 11/10/07 he won his 6-9 puppy dog class, the winners dog class, best of winners, and best puppy all at just six months of age!!!!!

Jett won his second point, just one after turning one year old, at the Sacramento show by going Winners Dog and Best Of Winners.

If you are interested in a puppy from a future litter please fill out our Puppy Questionnaire.

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