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The Wish Litter

Happy first birthday !!!!!!!!!!

the Wish litter was born on January 4th 2008 they went to their wonderful homes in March. Scroll down to watch the pups grow. I will add photos to this page as I receive them from the Wish litter families.


Foxfire Master's Over The Limit CGC (Aldo)
Foxfire Starchaser FineByDesign


The Wish Litter has arrived. Phoebe (Foxfire Starchaser FineByDesign) and Aldo (Foxfire Master's Over The Limit CGC) are the proud parents of nine beautiful puppies (four boys and five girls). All the puppies are doing well.


The puppies are one week old today.
I put a water bottle in with the puppies to give you an idea of their size.



Phee and her puppies are spending the day out on the deck. The pups are up on their feet and their eyes are almost completely open. In the weeks to come the little new born puppies of 1/4/08 are going to become individuals with their own personalities.

The fun is just beginning!!!!



Pups are great they spent their first day in the shavings and are having a blast.



The pups are beginning to play with each other.



The pups first meal.



Sleeping and eating are the main activities these days.



The pups are spending more time outside.


Phoebe sent her puppies home on 3/1/08, the following photos are of her pups growing up in their wonderful new homes.


Helo (blue collar boy)

Helo is a very lucky dog to have a kitty who is so willing to be his friend.

Helos at six months old

Helo loves the mud; puddles, dirt, the lake, the hose, you name it.. he's in it.

Helo will be on patrol with a group of trick-or-treaters this Halloween. The K9 firefighter will ensure the safety of all.

Helo had a great first Christmas.


Rocco (Red collar boy)

Rocco is a very well loved dog, with a mom, dad, and a brother to play with.

Rocco is happy living with his new family, Lucky (chow mix dog), kitty, and two brothers.


CoCo (green boxes collar Girl)

CoCo is a very very lucky girl to have a girl of her own. I am sure she will grow up as every ones best friend and be the most popular "girl" at the slumber parties. CoCos family is completely in love with her and gaga over how easy she is to train!
thanks so much for giving CoCo such a wonderful home.


Hope (Blue Daisies girl)

Hope knows her name, she knows what her ball is by name and she is thirty-three pounds. She's walking better on her leash and everywhere we go people ew and awe over her.


Bogey (hot pink boy)

Bogey is a very lucky boy to have his very own big sister Summer to show him the ropes. He is settling in to his new home in Washington State. Summer is a great help with Bogey, he is on her trail everywhere, like a shadow.

Happy birthday Bogey.



Teddy (ribbon boy)

Teddy is quite the celebrity in his neighborhood. He is a wonderful boy with a fun personality and is a bit of a trickster.


Daisy (orange daisy girl)

Any time we go out people always stop and say she is beautiful. Daisy gets a lot of attention. She loves to play, "try to get me" especially when she has something she is not suppose to have. Everyone is so impressed with Daisy.


Sadie ( pink circles)

Relaxing on her six month birthday, Happy fourth of July to the Wish litter

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